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Loay, a manager of Koda hotel – TSUMUGI –



Loay is one of the most famous person by Japanese tourists.He is manager of hostel, Koda Hotel in amman, Jordan l. Koda hotel is named by Koda Shosei, Many Japanese knows his name. He was dead in Iraq.


In his hostel, there are too many Japanese. All Japanese tourist like him. He is really kind and friendly, so many Japanese people mention about him in talking and website. I know him by other Japanese tourists. I stayed his hostel, and I talked with him. I present TSUMUGI BAND for him and asked a few questions.


What do you think about Japan? Good point or bad point.

a famous Japanese people that there is It. Literature and respect. This is a fact. The problem is that the nature of life is difficult.


What do you think about Japanese earthquake?

Japanese earthquake …Very big problem. It touched me a lot. In my heart. I have 5 friends died in Sendai …A major disaster. Did not sleep 48 hours. I was very sad. The losses. Human. I hope that does not repeat. But sometimes nature is not a friend


If Earthquake like Japan are happened in your country, what are you doing?

I hope that this does not happen. I wish safety for all


what do you think about your country??

Jordan is a country safe  Jordan is a country famous in politics. All Hiye fully


What is your favorite place in your country?

Everything is love …The Dead Sea. Wadi Mujib and the best. Then Wadi Rum …


Thanks, Loay!!


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