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I went to Bangkok, Thailand in 20-24 June. I met Gig, she is Chulalongkorn University Student. I sent a message to her in Facebook. She took me her university and around Bangkok city. Because of he, it was very fun for me rather than when i went to Thailand last year.

I interviewed her for 5 questions.

What do you think about Japan?

I think that Japan is an extremely stable and resourceful nation. After the Horrific Tsunami crisis (Killing Hundreds of Families and destroying everything in it’s wake) Japan STILL had a decent hold on things. I think – Besides that – It possesses an extremley ‘unique’ culture..For example: The Manga, The Anime, The Clothing, The Styles, The Colours, The Sights, The Technology! I believe that Japan will be without Charity for a number of years to come.

2. What do you think about Japan in bad point.

As hard as it is to state flaws on the subject of the Japanese’ economy, culture etc I can still say there are few! I think that it is very ethnocentric and condescending toward members of it’s community who are foreign. Also the language is indeed difficult to understand and perform in word. The Japanese civilians who possess ‘Japanese Blood’ are very manipulative people, ( You must do things and say things you don’t want to, just to make them happy).

3. What do you think about Japanese earthquake?

I think that the Japanese Earth Quake/ Tsunami WILL have caused thousands of losses and sorrows. Due ofcourse to the deaths caused by it. The tragedy was indeed increasingly moving when hearing about it on the news…

4. what do you think about Thailand

I think the best thing in Thailand is Thai people . Because Thai people are all kind and friendly . They like to smile and help foreigner . So you can feel warm and comfortable  anytime when you visit Thailand . Beside Thailand also have a lot of beautiful place , nice beach and many delicious food . So I wish people around the world can come to visit Thailand once . I guarantee you’ll got a lot of happiness .

5. What is your favorite place in Thailand?

Actually i like all places in Thailand that i used to visit . Because each place has their style and so fascinating !!!
Anyway I also like Bangkok the capital of Thailand because I think it is a unique capital. You can see the mixed culture here such as the local life  and city life are beside together. Furthermore there are a lot of things to do in both day life and night life so I never feel boring anymore to live here.




I present TSUMUGI band for her.

Thanks Gig!



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